want a custom commission?
just send you request to
" I specialise in cartoon style and semi realistic style 
animals and myths."

price: 20$ per piece. a max of 2 characters (pets) can be drawn in the same images any more will need to be another piece for another payment.

remember to include the following  in your email
your name 
a detailed description of your request
any referance pictures you would like me to use.
(if you would like a steampunked pet it is required that you send some kind of referance in either pictures of clothing you would like your pet to wear or a description of what occupations of type of character you would like to see them as)

no payment is ever taken in advance.
when commissioned i will send sketches before i create the final work and only upon the approval of the sketches will i start the finished piece.

hard copies are not available at this time
each commission gives you a digital file that can be printed at any printer up to a 13x19 size.

i can do lude or gory work but there is an addisional charge 
that will be determined per individual request.
*lude and gore examples upon request*