Steamline Felines

Steamline Felines! the steam struck cats!

the year is 2066. Many years since the human race went extinct. a world war caused the humans to kill each other. cats remained by hiding from the fighting and evolved to be the new dominate. other animals like dogs were deminished in numbers beacause they fought alongside human. birds, fish, reptiles and rodents remain but did not evolve like cats and dogs. technology never advanced passed the invention of the light bulb and the age of steam continued because humans could not get along to further growth.

an Abyssinia raider. young. she exsplores tombs and temples alongside different investors and friends that help her. quick thinking and strong she can navigate through just about anything. her parents went missing and she was left alone until a lone native american wolf found her and raised her alone. she holds great respect for all life and the places she exspores trying her best not to damage things or take more then is hired to. she never works with pirates or treasure hunters, only curator and cats of science.

an american curl navigator. young. empolyed by captain levi he is the navigation expert. he has pervasive developmental disorder a form of autism. this effects his socal abilities. levi is the only cat he is very comfortable talking to besides his body gaurd sir gabriel. the prince of a small country his parents sent him to work for levi to find his way in life, tho he thinks its beacause they are ashamed of him. he has a crush on miss vienna. a photographic memory of maps makes him a top notch navigator.

an american short hair cowboy. adult. he is a no nonsense old fashioned wild west cat. out for himself he only helps when a big payout is involved, even though underneath his cold eyes there is a kinder soul. he admires chyanne but would never admit it. his father was a drunk who beat his mother who was a stolen native american. he killed his father to save her. after his mother passed of an illness his heart was so broken he never got close to anyone every again. he can shoot great with any gun even if hes never used it before, tho chyanne can out gun him, which he would also never admit. he can also play guitar, this is rare for him to do tho.

a balinese school teacher. adult. strict but kind. her parents were well educated respected scholars and taught her themselves. she attended university lectors given by her parents and traveled the world eventually teaching along side them. while teaching in europe she met her husband to be julies. she has no desire to have children of her own but is driven to teach children. her and julies settled in a wild west town in the americas. she teaches every sudject to a class of 20 ranging from 7 years old to 15.

a bambino exsplosive expert. adult. his large quirky personality makes up for his small stature. full of energy all of the time he seems unsuited for a delicate job with exsplosive but this actully makes him more productive. he is always eger to solve problems with explosive force even when it is exstremely unnessessary. know one knows too much about warren other then his mother was a beautiful sphinx actress who passed away and his father in a munchkin named Warren who currently works as a clock maker. sam is sometime called warren for his middle name is that of his fathers.

a british longhair. senior. curently a body gaurd for young arthur he protects and guides the young prince from any harm under orders from his parents. sir gabriel was at one time a hired assassin, hunting down anyone he was paid to. the weight of the lives he took eventually began to haunt him. his days of assassinating ended the day he was hiered to kill the young prince arthur who at the time was a meer child. the sham of it caused him to pledge his life to arthurs family. arthurs mother was so moved by gabriel that she had him knighted. and after proving himself trustworthy she eventully placed him as arthurs pesonal body gaurd.

a burmilla violinist and pianist. young. highly skilled and beautiful she is adored by many. she is soft spoken however and shy without and instrument in her paws. her music is light, cheerful, and inspiring tho can be quite somber should she be feeling low.
shes is pen pals with arthur, she is unaware of his crush on her, but has a bit of a crush of her own on him.

a chausie gunslinger. adult. most call her a firecracker for her cheerful yet deadly nature. she is and excellent shot, great at card and knife games, and could charm any cat out of their fur. her moral compass has no alignment, as long as its fun and she gets payed she will do just about anything. she loves to tease and her favorite target is cullen, she jumps at any opportunity to best him. the owl crest on her back is her families mark. all are supreme shots at night which earned them the owl crest as a symbol of their skill.

a cornish rex scientist. adult. highly intelligent from a young age he was always interested in science. his parents were lower high class, wealthy beacause of his fathers business not from breeding which caused a bit of hardship for them in the wealthy bloodline families of their neighbors. julies mother always supported her sons pursuits while his father wanted him to take over his business and thought his son to be a day dreamer. he met his now wife clara at a lecture he attended on the subject of freezing water to create ice. he was in love the moment he saw her, she was the most beautiful mind he had ever seen. now they live in a quaint home in a small western town where both of them continue their passission.

an Egyptian mau curator. adult. this headstrong feline takes no guff from anyone. she has a passion for preserving history that burns like blue fire in her heart. she is strick with a sharp tounge often hissing cruel reprimands to her empolyees, and the ones that arnt terrified of her highly respect her. because of her nature she has managed to collect an impressive trove of historical treasures. she is extremely trustworthy and always pays highly for the artifacts she collects. her museum is for knowledge not profit. she can and will fight anyone who attempts to steal from her, a knowledge of ancient weapons makes her quite versatile and lethal.

the Japanese bobtail. ???. almost nothing is known about this cat only that he was once a monk but was cast out.his sword is a wooden one and tho he never kills he can near erase memories with his skills.

a khaomanee scientist. adult. smart but solitary, cora is married to her work. she is a contract scientest specializing in chemistry. she works this way so she can fund her own reasearch, finding a cure for deafness and developing the first feline hearing aid. beacuse of her genetic make up she has complete heterochromia and in cats this also often comes with being deaf. she is assisted in her research by emmy, a nurse with the local hospital. cora can speak in sign language with the help of emmy as a translater but beacause of the nature of her work, sometime working with more sinister cat, she chooses instead to comunicate through wrighting so she dose not indanger emmy.

the korat thief also known as the krow. young adult. nikola was born in russia to strict wealthy parents who gave him next to no freedoms. his parents wanted him to be a perfect and quite son, but nikola was drawn to adventure and danger. he saw the wealthy cats around him as careless and single minded. one night he cought a crow who had flown into his room and injured itself trying to take the gold buttons on a coat that cought its eye. nikola raised the crow and named Senka, a siberian name meaning shadow. together they live off the stolen treasures of the wealthy often sharing it with those who need it more.

a leperm fop. adult. the very definition of spoiled valentin thinks he is king of all he sees. he was brought up in a lavish lifestyle. his mother was the kind and beautiful wife of a heartless french royal who often cheated on her, tho none of his lovers every had a child making valentin his only offspring. as a child valentin was taught to sword fight. as he grew he took on his fathers horrible nature much to his mothers dismay. he treats others as if they were the dirt under his paws and mollies like nothing more the a toy and discarded after he is done with them. deep down he is constently trying to impress his father who truely couldnt care less about him. the only one he feel a fraction for in his mother who he still treats quite poorly.

a manx boxer. late adult. Zachary is newly returned to the boxing ring. he was once a great boxer with a 102-2-3, till another boxer pushed him to far and Zachary took off his gloves using his claws to scratch his opponent to the point he blinded him in one eye earning him the nickname the scrathing post and a ban from fighting till now. quite and cold he is a cat of few words and wants nothing more then to reclam his honor in the ring.

a munchkin macanic. young. his small size makes him perfect for working with intracit machines. quite and quick both with tools and wit. keeps to himself for the most part but has a kind heart.

a Norwegian forest plauge doctor. ???. once a loner viktor now is the teacher and caregiver to harrison, the young lykoi striken with the werewolf illness. viktor served as the doctor and secret monster hunter to a town that was quickly destroyed by a plauge that swept though it, leaving him the sole surviver but not without first scaring his paws and part of his face leaving the affected areas hairless, blistered, and grotesque. he now wears his mask and gloves near constently. the only one to see his scars is harrison. now he serves as a monster hunter alongside harrison and a doctor for neighboring villages.

an ocicat captain. adult. levi is the captain of an airship that serves as a research vessal, transporting researchers to acheological digs. he is a good friend of arthurs parents which is the reason he brought arthur on as the navigator of his ship and treats him much like a youmger brother. skilled in guns and swords and very agile levi is an excellent leader. he cares for his crew like a family but acts as captain first and foremost, he keeps safty first and mission second. he has an ongoing love hate relationship wth the air pirate isabella.

a russian blue dutchess. late adult. anastasia is the head teacher at a castle that acts as a school for young royal girls. the castle is home to a select few with one teacher to each student and nuns as care givers and staff. currently she is teaching the young dutchess aurora. though anastasia appears to be cold and unkind she really dose want the best for the girls she teaches.

savannah pirate. adult. a classic pirate, isabella is a cut throat swash buckers through and through. she raids any ship she can get her paws on. she would rather not kill those she steals from but wont hesitate if someone is in her way. the only cat she would never kill is levi, the only captain to ever best her and send her packing with nothing to show for it. they have a complicated love hate relationship now. their intense sword fights are like action of affection sometimes. her genetics as a savannah make her exstremely flexible and graceful with a wild personality being closely related to her wild serval ancestors.

a scottish fold nurse. adult. emmy was a nurse registered with the military for a few years. in those years she seen many horrors that haunt her even to this day. after her time with the military she desided to devote her life to helping make the world a better place. she signed on to a hospital in her home city to work with as many cats as possible. beacause of her memories of the horrors of war she often overworks herself to avoid sleeping so she dose not have to suffer the nightmare. however through working with the hospital she meet a scientist named Cora and quickly desided to her with her research on hearing aids. emmy knows that cora is brilliant and devoted but sometimes she feels shes hiding something from her. cora often dismisses her early and wont contact her again for several days. emmy worries greatly about cora but resects her privacy and thier freadship too much to push the issue.

siamese traveling artist. late adult. Jude is a sort of nomad, traveling all over the world mostly by foot sometimes by airship or boat. staying in inns or camping out jude has found pure happyness in is wondering lifestyle. he sells ever work he paints using the money for food or more paint. jude is musical as well, he knows how so play a variety of tradisional japanese string instraments including the koto, the biwa, and the gottan.

sphynx sea diver. adult. most cats still retain their eversian to water in this age but not hugo. as a sphynx he naturaly has no fur so he actually enjoys the cleansing feel of water. given this trait hugo is perfectly suited, no pun intended, for an underwater job. with most cats unwilling to be in water the field of sea diver is greatly understaffed. hugo spends his days diving for artifacts, treasures, and more working diectly with the historical society. even his down time is spent near the waves often surfing or playing with local sea life.

turkish angora dutchess. young adult. the only heir to her families throne she hold a great burdin on her shoulders. she is currently studing under the head mistress of the only school for royals in training. the school is highly regarded for prepareing young heirs for their eventual roles and queen, kings, and nobels of other rank. aurora wants badly to make her family proud but lacks the courage it takes to make strict or hard decisions. she has a very gental kind heart and is struggling with the reality that she may need to make rulings that cause death and distruction. her teacher Anistasia knows Aurora is scared and unsure but tries her very best to engourage her student to be the dutchess she knows she can be.

pixiebob blacksmith and leather worker. late adult. his genetics as pixiebob give him the perfect build for blacksmith and leather work with large paws, strong back and shoulder, and a bobed tail that dosent get in the way. the classic family cat he is a proud and loveing husband and father. he and his family live in a small village that hasent adoped the modern technology of the time and instead choose to live simpler lives much like the medieval day of old. he is always welcoming to any who need his services but will fight with everything he has, which is alot of weapons, to protect his family and his villages way of life.